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Sunday, October 30, 2011

INGLOT Cosmetics

So my new makeup addiction is Inglot Cosmetics! I have made several trips up to Las vegas This year for work and on each trip I raid the store several times.  On one ocassion visited the store three times in one day!

Cesers Palace Forum Shops LV NV
I can honestly say that this line can kick MAC's bum! Yes and many of you know that my artistry background comes from MAC and has been my cult favorite hands down!

On my visits I was able to speak to several of the Inglot crew (Brenda, George, Zay, Phillip, and Manger Oscar Camacho!)

The pigments in all thier line are super intense whether you are swatching eyeshadow or or lip color or gel liners and powders this line is definately more bang for your buck!

 So on my first Trip and the first of that day, I went in checked it out and asked about artisty professional discounts which are available for Makeup Artists. Please keep in mind that if you are an MUA and are planning on visiting the INGLOT store in Vegas or NYC, please bring a business card, comp card, tearsheet, and other credetials to apply for your inglot card.

On more recent trips and my plenty conversations with the staff I wanted to know what the DS, AMC, Pearl, & Shine ment on thier numbersing system.

Inglot has a number system for thier products so for instance if you want a color similar to carbon from mac you would ask for #63 AMC.

AMC stands for Advance Makeup Cosmetics- These products are extreme pigmentations, are high def quality and preffered for high artisty work and film print etc.

DS stands for double shine- these products have glitter in them, no not the chunky kind that you cant blend, the refined kind they add tons of dimension to matt shadows and are currently my favorite everyday shadows.

Shine stands for ...well that self explanatory- These shadows pack on high shine they are mostly frosty shadow but when blended they give off a metalic shine to them.

Pearl stands for... another no brainer- These shadows are like you MAC frost or pearl shadow they dont have a high metallic shine they have a low shine with amazing crushed pearl soft and velvety.

They also carry rainbow shadows these shadows are complete matte high pigment and they do not necesarily need a shadow base/primer. I do reccomend one because thier color is so intense they will stain your lid.  On my more recent trip I purchased all the rainbow collection.

The lipsticks also come in freedom system palattes. So you can purchase lipsticks and create your own palattes of 5, 10, 20, or 40.  they have different lip glosses some are clear with amazing duo chrome and others are full pigment and come in teaster tube like containers so they are slim fitting for pockets or cocktail purses.

I am so excited to travel with my freedom system it has really condensed my professional kit and I can take all my favorite Inglot products.

Take a look below at my haul video from my very first trip to inglot and stay tuned to the end of the video for pictures.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Egg Whites and Oatmeal not Just for Clean Eats!

Growing up I used to take my mother’s cookbooks and spa books and play with them all day. This is how I developed a zeal for cooking but one book was particularly fun. She had this book with recipes on do it yourself facials and masks.
In the Fitness Industry the staple breakfast of champions is oatmeal and egg whites! Here is a recipe that will sure to take your clean eats to the next level nourishing not only the inside but also your outside!
1 egg white
1/3 cup dry Oats
1 tbsp honey
In a coffee grinder or food processor blend the dry oats into a powder. Next beat the egg white into foam and mix in crushed oatmeal until a thick paste forms. Finally add the tbsp. of honey.
With your fingers smooth over the paste onto your face leave the mouth and eye area exposed wit for it to dry and rinse.
The egg white has a quick skin firming ability while the oatmeal soothes and exfoliates the skin and the honey softens the skin.
I used to love playing spa when I was young and now this great masks not only helps me reminisce of my childhood days but keeps my face looking young!

Monday, August 1, 2011

STILA Natural Eyeshadow Palette

On a recent visit to one of our accounts the Sephora at Woodlands the store sold out of this amazing palatte that I showcased for each makeup fashionista coming thru the doors!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Interview with J Zubire "The Mexican Makeup Artist

Fitness RX Magazine Radio Talk Show Hosts Adela Garcia and Sonia Gonzalez find out why J Zubire "The Mexican Makeup Artist" is the number one artist in the fitness industry.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

2011 Dexter Jackson Classic

I am pleased to announce that once again I am the official makeup artist for the Dexter Jackson Classic/Jacksonville Pro.

This is Dexter & Gale's 5th year with this amazing production and I am glad to be and have been the official makeup artist since its inception.

Each year the show keeps getting bigger and better and no other promoters care so much for thier athletes and welcome all professionals with attention and care than Dexter Jackson and Gale Elie.

The venue, the shuttle service and the host hotel are all conveniently set up and easily accesible for all competitors.

I am anticipating a large number of reservations and I urge all competitors both IFBB and NPC to start reserving your appointments now.

This will be an exciting weekend see you all there!~Much Love, J Zubire AKA "The Mexican Makeup Artist"

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Latest Stage Makeup Experiance: 2011 Arnold

I've been in this industry for 6 years now and I am truly blessed to say I love every bit of it and the opportunities it has given me.

One of my best opportunities was back in 2004 where I met my now best friend Adela Garcia.  Over the years her friendship has kept me giggling all the way through to the recent Arnold 2011. 

I remember times where it was so hard to hold our laughter in and almost peed in our pants.  One time she tried to stuff me into her luggage to roll me into the backstage of the Olympia because she insisted that I be backstage with her.  Another time we sat and watched her off challange team holding hands like long lost sisters at Dave Goodin's NPC show in Austin TX. There has been many memories, training together, cooking her some turkey breasts, running & conquering lake Pflugerville, prancing around her house on Thanksgiving Day to Ricky Martin and playing just dance 2 on the wii or the time it was about 3 in the morning after a show heading back to our room tearing off our fakelashes and sticking them on someone's hotel door.  Yes she is quite the partner in crime!

My lastest experiance was watching her walk onto the stage at the 2011 Arnold Sports Festival. I gasped as I saw her, her makeup was radiant her hair her suit everything was spot on.  I thought to myself she's such an amazing friend I'm so honored that she would entrust me with her makeup year after year and show after show.

Over the years just as our friendship has grown so has my experiance in stage makeup and I have developed new techniques that make competitors have a natural beauty, glamourous and timeless.

That evening after she picked up her trophy and finished her interviews we headed out to create even more memories.  Along with her fiancee' Trent, O.F.F. Challenge team member Alea Suarez IFBB Pro and Camala Rodriguez IFBB Pro, we ate pizza, and danced the peewee herman on top of the tables at Plank's pizza in Columbus Ohio.  I must say we know how to create memories that last a lifetime....and I can help you create a stage look that will create a lifetime memory of an amazing time on stage!

To Book please email at jzubire@yahoo.com or visit my website and send and query to http://www.jzubire.com/

Esther (Adela's mom) me & Adela after the 2010 Olympia

Thursday, February 3, 2011

2011 SAG Awards Kim Kardashian Red Carpet Look!

Kim Kardashian's amazing look on the Red Carpet of the SAG Awards was natural and etheral.

I really enjoyed her look and her makeup artist did a phenomenal job highlighting KK's beautiful lashes making them the centerpoint of this natural monochromatic look.

Nude lips rocked the red carpet and KK's had just a hint of shine to them.

This makeup look was a perfect match for the majestic purple Marchesa gown.

Below you will find a how to video on rocking this red carpet look.  Its totally achievable and It will be a big hit for a Valentines date night! Your beau will love this natural look and you will hypnotize him with your lash power!

Yours Truly,
J Zubire AKA "The Mexican Makeup Artist"